Tweed Menswear

Charcoal/Black Check Jacket & Complimentary Charcoal Waistcoat made in sumtumptous Yorkshire Tweed.

  1940’s style high waisted trousers. These are fully lined in luxury Paisley patterned lining. All ready to wear for Scottish writer events!

‘I got a pair of trousers made at Blue Cat Clothing. Abi was amazing from beginning to end. I’d never had a piece of clothing made to measure before so I knew absolutely nothing about what to say or do beyond the picture in my mind of what I wanted.

Abi walked me through the whole process, suggesting styles and colours with a great range of fabrics. Everything was done quickly and well, and I always felt it was me in charge with Abi delivering her expertise in support. The first time I wore the rousers to a wedding I had seven, yes seven people spontaneously express their admiration! I really can’t recommend this business highly enough’

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